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Youth Tobacco Prevention

Legislative Engagement

RAI Services Company’s public affairs department advocates for legislation that strengthens youth tobacco prevention laws across the United States. We believe that all states should have comprehensive laws covering youth tobacco prevention. For more on our engagement strategy, visit Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality.

Our current legislative priorities include:

  • No purchase, possession or use of tobacco by youth: In addition to our education efforts through RDRN, RAI and its subsidiaries support legislative and regulatory efforts to keep tobacco products out of the hands of youth. All states prohibit the sale of tobacco products to persons under at least age 18. The RAI companies also support laws that criminalize possession and use of tobacco products by minors;
  • Penalties for complicit adults: According to the CDC, minors may obtain tobacco products from social sources such as complicit adults, rather than retail outlets, 86 percent of the time. Many states have laws penalizing complicit adults, but they can and should go further. RAI's subsidiaries advocate for legislation on par with, or more stringent than, states’ Social Host laws for furnishing alcohol to minors; and
  • No tobacco possession on school grounds: RAI and its subsidiaries support the complete ban on the use and possession of tobacco and vapor products on school grounds, including by adults. We support legislation to keep tobacco products out of schools, such as the language adopted by Arizona, in which “tobacco products are prohibited on school grounds, inside school buildings, in school parking lots or playing fields, in school buses or vehicles, or at off-campus school sponsored events.”