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In June 2015, RAI acquired Lorillard, Inc. Through the acquisition and related divestitures, RAI’s largest operating company, R.J. Reynolds, added the Newport brand to its diverse brand lineup. In order to transfer Newport production from Lorillard’s manufacturing facilities in Greensboro, N.C., to R.J. Reynolds’ manufacturing plant in Tobaccoville, N.C., RAI set an ambitious 18-month integration process goal — a goal employees beat by six months. The challenge was to integrate all aspects of the Lorillard acquisition into R.J. Reynolds’ existing operations, generate strong business growth, capture identified acquisition synergies and deliver outstanding financial results. As a way of acknowledging how employees’ hard work and dedication directly contribute to our success, RAI’s Board of Directors introduced the Game Changer Bonus, a one-time bonus made available to all employees of RAI and its subsidiaries. This incentive period ended December 31, 2016, with the successful completion of the integration. We are proud of the swift and complete integration process, and thankful to our many employees for their hard work in this process.

“Our employees have a role in shaping our success, and we owe the swift and complete Lorillard integration to their hard work. We are thankful to our many employees who helped in this process and we are happy to share with them this success.”
Susan Cameron, non-executive chairman, RAI