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Sustainability Homepage - Reducing Waste Through Spot You More
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Reducing Waste Through Spot You More

Each year, Reynolds American’s tobacco operating companies send out millions of coupons to age 21 verified adult tobacco consumers that have requested to receive communications, offers and advertising. These coupons require paper, ink, postage and transportation, producing a significant environmental footprint. Brice O’Brien, RAI’s executive vice president of public affairs and chief communications officer calls for the tobacco operating companies to one day “be completely out of the paper and postage business.”

To achieve this goal and improve the adult tobacco consumer experience, Spot You More, Inc. created a new mobile marketing technology: Spot You More. The program was piloted in convenience stores in Columbus, Ohio, Des Moines, Iowa, and part of southern Florida. In addition to mitigating environmental burdens, the system also eliminates pass-along fraud by sending coupons directly to an adult tobacco consumer’s mobile device via text, email, app or digital wallet. Coupons can be redeemed using a Spot You More device set up next to the register, which is wirelessly connected to the company’s servers. Initial results show the system performs well, with:

  • 99 percent of adult tobacco consumers satisfied with the experience;
  • 94 percent claim it is easier or the same as a traditional paper coupon; and
  • 90 percent say they will definitely redeem future digital promotions.

The system has also led to an increase in sales for retailers, with 64 percent of adult tobacco consumers purchasing additional non-tobacco goods when using this system. In the future, Spot You More may provide other business solutions for tobacco product brands beyond mobile couponing, including tailoring coupons to adult tobacco consumers’ purchasing preferences and providing real-time in-store promotions. Spot You More, Inc. is working with a number of technology companies to broaden the business applications of the system and development of commercial plans for Spot You More.