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Sustainability Homepage - RDRN and the First Spouses
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RDRN and the First Spouses

Each year, RAI operating companies attend conferences around the country to educate policy makers, law enforcement officers, educators and other stakeholders on issues relevant to YTP. One such conference is the National Governor’s Association Meeting, which brings together Governors from each U.S. state. At the 2015 meeting in West Virginia, company representatives spoke with First Lady Joanne Tomblin of West Virginia about the Right Decisions Right Now program. After reviewing the program, First Lady Tomblin, an educator with more than 30 years’ experience, distributed the RDRN materials to teachers in elementary and middle schools in West Virginia.

The First Lady personally encouraged First Spouses from 46 states to do the same, saying “educating our youth about the dangers of tobacco is a key part of preventing tobacco use in elementary and middle schools across our nation.”