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Employee Responsibility

Employee Well-Being

Reynolds American and its subsidiaries are focused on advancing employee well-being through various programs and policies because when employees thrive, so do our companies. Our programs support employees’ total well-being, which is broken into four focus areas:

Career Well-Being: Mastery, Purpose and Autonomy

RAI and its subsidiaries encourage employees to take ownership of their job performance and career planning from day one and we work hard to make tools and resources available to enable employees to do so. We maintain a culture where experienced leaders and mentors are both interested and invested in the success of every employee. Managers provide the guidance that employees need to grow based on their performance, unique talents and professional goals. To help employees achieve their goals, we offer a wide selection of world-class professional and interpersonal-skill development programs for employees at every stage of their career.

Whether it’s development in role, cross-functional rotations to broaden skill sets, or development in preparation for a promotion, the RAI and its subsidiaries are rich in opportunities and resources to help our trailblazers build remarkable careers. We want our employees to thrive by feeling challenged, engaged and empowered professionally. To promote career well-being we offer:

  • Collaborative goal-setting and performance-management processes;
  • World-class professional and interpersonal-skill development programs;
  • Experienced mentors invested in each employee’s success; and
  • Developmental cross-functional rotation experiences.

Financial Well-Being: Effectively
Managing Their Financial Life

The financial health of employees is vital to their overall well-being. RAI and its subsidiaries go beyond offering competitive compensation and benefits by providing supplemental programs to help employees leverage their benefits, achieve their personal goals and enhance their overall well-being. Our online total-rewards system allows individual employees to see the full range and value of the rewards that are offered by the company, including:

  • Retirement and Savings: We provide a number of plans for eligible employees that are designed to work with Social Security and personal savings to provide economic security upon retirement, including a comprehensive 401(k) plan. At no cost to them, employees have access to financial counselors and many other tools and resources to support their personal financial goals, such as online retirement savings scenario modeling and financial education. To ensure that employees take advantage of benefits offered them, we automatically enroll new employees in our 401(k) program and increase contributions by 1 percent annually until they reach the maximum contribution. In addition, we require training on personal budgeting, debt management and cash flow, along with training on how to best leverage the extensive company benefits programs.
  • Additional Financial Benefits: we offer a variety of additional programs to support employees, including tuition reimbursement and purchase of RAI stock at a reduced rate.

Physical and Emotional Well-Being: Good Health
and Enough Energy to Get Things Done

RAI and its subsidiaries believe the physical well-being of their employees drives a high-performance culture. We are focused on a holistic view of employee physical well-being, which goes beyond comprehensive benefits to include supplemental programs and tools so they can thrive at work and in their personal lives.

Some of the many ways we promote physical well-being include:

  • High-quality medical, dental and vision care at affordable rates;
  • On-site fitness centers at no cost;
  • On-site health centers and telemedicine services;
  • Convenient on-site cafes and cafeterias complete with healthy food options; and
  • Specialty fitness and nutrition support for field-trade employees.

Support for physical well-being also extends to the office environment. In 2015, renovations began on RAI’s headquarters building to improve our work environment, promote collaboration and provide unique features for employees, such as sit-stand desks in each workstation and easy access to walking desks. In January 2015, we implemented a new policy eliminating smoking in conference rooms and elevators, and upon full implementation, will restrict the use of cigarettes to designated smoking areas.

Social Well-Being

The transformative effect that recognition has on employee engagement and retention is powerful. In addition to recognizing employee contributions in support of business goals through annual bonuses and pay-for-performance programs, employees of RAI and its subsidiaries are empowered to personally recognize coworkers who have gone above and beyond with “points” redeemable for gifts.

Also important to employee well-being is providing opportunities for employees to give back to their communities through volunteering and the matching-grant program. Employees receive paid time-off to participate in community efforts, such as the United Way’s Days of Caring, during which employees volunteer to help United Way agencies with everything from routine maintenance of facilities and gardens to agency administration. Employees also participate in the United Way’s Young Leaders United program, Women’s Leadership Council and hundreds of employees serve in leadership roles in organizations in our communities.

Creating strong relationships forms a platform for the continued growth of our employees and our businesses. We encourage employees to develop internal connections, as well as foster relationships with the communities where they live and work.