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Employee Responsibility

RAI and its subsidiaries are leading the transformation of the tobacco industry. The marketplace is increasingly dynamic, and adult tobacco consumer tastes are changing. Our employees are essential to achieving our Transforming Tobacco vision; they are the trailblazers who drive innovation and ignite the breakthroughs that are changing an entire industry. Transforming Tobacco creates tremendous opportunities for our companies and people to thrive, creating a successful and sustainable future for all.

Goals & Leadership

Our company’s vision and core values guide our direction and purposeful work — and we strive to embed them in everything we do. As a result, people are drawn to working for our companies because of the iconic brands and revolutionary products, but they stay for the visionary, principled and passionate people they get to work with every day. RAI and its subsidiaries are focused on maintaining a caring and collaborative environment for our employees by delivering on the following goals:

  • Cultivating our talent pipeline, ensuring we have the right talent, at the right time, in the right role;
  • Maintaining a sustainable, high-performing and innovative talent base;
  • Advancing employee well-being, ensuring that employees thrive so the companies thrive;
  • Continuing to drive high levels of employee engagement;
  • Delivering excellent human resources’ services with the employee in mind, from design to delivery across all programs, processes and policies;
  • Providing labor and employment guidance that balances the needs of the employee while balancing business risk; and
  • Maintaining a safe work environment.

The executive vice president and chief human resources officer of RAI and RAI Services Company (RAISC) is ultimately responsible for driving our vision of being an employer of choice by delivering on strategies to acquire, develop and retain top talent.

Human resources (HR) at RAISC is organized into four Centers of Expertise (COEs) to mirror a consumer-centric organization, with the employees as our “consumers."

The HR leadership team is composed of individuals from these COEs. Through this structure, we are better able to steward a high-performing culture across the RAI companies and meet employee expectations.

Our talent strategy is directly aligned to our business strategy and initiatives and focuses on four imperatives:

  • Strengthen the Talent Pipeline;
  • Advance Employee Well-Being;
  • Improve HR Service Delivery; and
  • Mitigate Risk

The Thrive at RAI portal is an integrated human resources management system that provides employees access to 18 different HR service providers with a single login. This system streamlines 150 HR processes and provides employees with easy and fast access to a variety of services, including career development, wellness, benefits and more. The HR Service Team also maintains an internal telephone and email support center for employees. Staffed by HR employees, the team provides a single point-of-contact to support fellow employees if they need assistance with any of our services, systems or processes. At year-end 2017, the service team had handled more than 16,000 employee cases during its 18 months in operation.

Over the past two years, these efforts were recognized by various external stakeholders, including:

  • Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces
  • Great Place to Work Certified - September 2017-September 2018
  • PlanSponsor Best in Class 401(k) Plan
  • The Hackett Group Talent Management Maturity Leader
  • Vault.com 50 Best Internships

Programs & Priorities

We know our companies succeed when our people thrive. Our policies and programs are designed to support employee growth and achievement. The personal and professional well-being of our employees is important to their ongoing development and our commercial success.

Talent Pipeline

Employee Well-Being

Workplace Safety